Qui! Group is a leading Italian group in the field of vouchers, payment systems and loyalty programmes for the benefit of employees and their families.

Company Welfare

QUI! TICKET. A paper Meal Voucher is the ideal solution for thousands of private companies and public organisations.

QUI! TICKET Electronic. Electronic Meal Voucher: a simple rechargeable tool with the benefits of an electronic card.

Carta QUI! A multifunctional card that introduces savings and simplicity to company management.

E-money services and payment systems

Carta QUI!
A multifunctional card that simplifies life.

Prepaid cards.
A practical and ideal solution for all your purchases.

The PoS Passpartù Station.
For managing payments conveniently at your own premises.

Loyalty and network development

Passpartù. A network of affiliated businesses involved in the Group’s products and services.

TornaQUI! Sconti A loyalty programme that allows you to accrue discounts that can be used at 27,000 businesses in Italy.

TornaQUI! Punti A loyalty programme that allows you to accrue points when you make purchases at affiliated stores.



We must be the first and the quickest, and do things better and differently from others.

Gregorio Fogliani, Presidente